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New tournaments added

3/12/2005 2005 NAQT Florida State Championship NAQT
9/16/2005 Bainbridge College Invitational NAQT
10/22/2005 Old Cajun Grandma Invitational 1 NAQT
10/23/2005 Cardinal Junior Classic NAQT
10/29/2005 Wildcat Invitational Tournament NAQT
11/12/2005 Siouxper Bowl II NAQT
11/19/2005 Ottawa Quizbowl Tournament I NAQT
12/3/2005 Trojan Wars III NAQT
12/11/2005 Upper Volta Bowl NAQT
1/21/2006 Battle of the Burgh IX NAQT
2/10/2006 Two-Year Sectional Championship NAQT
2/10/2006 Sectional Championship NAQT NAQT NAQT NAQT
2/10/2006 Two-Year Sectional Championship NAQT
2/10/2006 Sectional Championship NAQT NAQT NAQT NAQT NAQT
2/10/2006 Two-Year Sectional Championship NAQT
2/10/2006 Sectional Championship NAQT
2/10/2006 Two-Year Sectional Championship NAQT
2/18/2006 Third Annual Cavalier Open NAQT
2/25/2006 Brain Bowl NAQT
3/4/2006 Carleton Undergraduate Tournament VIII NAQT
3/11/2006 2006 NAQT Ohio State Championship NAQT
3/18/2006 Red and White Bowl NAQT
4/7/2006 2006 Intercollegiate Championship Tournament NAQT
4/22/2006 State College Academic Tournament III NAQT
4/22/2006 2006 NAQT Oklahoma State Championship NAQT
4/29/2006 2006 NAQT Northern California State Championship NAQT
4/29/2006 2006 NAQT Minnesota State Championship NAQT
5/13/2006 2006 Midwest Championship NAQT
6/3/2006 2006 High School National Championship Tournament NAQT
4/9/2011 MSHSAA Scholar Bowl District Tournaments NAQT NAQT
3/5/2014 KCI Conference Scholar Bowl NAQT
3/3/2015 Mid Buchanan Dual NAQT
3/10/2015 KCI Conference Scholar Bowl NAQT NAQT
10/5/2016 Northeast In The Know League NAQT
10/19/2016 Macomb Athletic Conference Quiz Bowl League NAQT
11/5/2016 WNMU High School Bowl NAQT
11/14/2016 Three Rivers Conference Scholastic Bowl NAQT
11/28/2016 Academic Challenge Bowl NAQT
12/1/2016 Metro East Quad League Scholastic Bowl NAQT
12/6/2016 Virginia Dual Matches NAQT
12/12/2016 Southwest Central Middle School Scholar Bowl NAQT
1/11/2017 Polk County Middle School Scholar Bowl NAQT
2/4/2017 London Collegiate Novice Tournament NAQT
2/7/2017 Riverview Intermediate Unit #6 Academic Bowl NAQT
2/11/2017 Georgia RESA State Championship NAQT
2/11/2017 Washington County District Tournament NAQT
2/15/2017 Pike County Conference Scholastic Bowl Tournament NAQT
2/16/2017 Archie Quadrangular NAQT
3/1/2017 KCI Conference Scholar Bowl NAQT
3/27/2017 East Husker Conference Tournament NAQT
4/6/2017 Phi Theta Kappa Convention Quiz Bowl NAQT
4/15/2017 Tulsa Middle School Invitational NAQT
4/15/2017 2017 Post-ATROPHY ACRONYM Mirror Full statistics
4/15/2017 South Florida High School Invitational NAQT
4/15/2017 Johns Creek Gladiator Classic Invitational NAQT
4/15/2017 2017 NAQT Massachusetts State Championship NAQT
4/15/2017 Scarlet Knight Spring Invitational Tournament NAQT
4/21/2017 Snead State Scholars Bowl NAQT
4/21/2017 Snead State Invitational Combined
4/22/2017 Prairie Fire Division II Invitational NAQT
4/22/2017 2017 Sacramento Spring Tournament NAQT
4/22/2017 Sacramento Spring HS Tournament All games
4/22/2017 9th Dorman Season Ender Middle school (all games) Combined varsity and jv
4/22/2017 2017 NAQT Idaho State Championship NAQT
4/22/2017 Danville Admirals Pre-Nationals Invitational NAQT
4/22/2017 Rotary Club Indiana Quizbowl State Championship NAQT
4/23/2017 ACF Nationals 2017 Prelims Playoffs Combined
4/23/2017 (This) Tournament is a Crime at UC San Diego Combined (rounds 1 - 9)